Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Scrappy Wednesday

We are having more of this!  I know it looks pretty, but with the cold, wind and snow for days on end - I am so over Winter!

This is what is left of the found pink and green 2.5" squares and as much fun it would be to finish playing with them to use them up, I need to move on.  So these are going back into the barrel system.

The quilt top just needs that final border of white - borders - ughh!  Then from the drawer of greens, I will see if there is something large enough for a binding or it may be a scrappy binding.  I want this one ready for quilting on the home machine this weekend.

The newest temperature rosette got a peek at some color change as we had a few warm days to thaw out, but we have gone back to cold.

32 - 46 - 55 - 12 -11 - 12 - 24

And a parting with another photo of the snow.  Thank goodness my brother is on seasonal layoff as he has taken such good care of keeping things cleaned up.  Side walks shoveled and now (you can see the tracks) off with the tractor to start the long 'art' of plowing the lane and park ways.  It is an art as you have to plan where that snow gets pushed/dumped when you might have to go out and do it all again - gotta have room.  Also, when things melt off -  you want it to go where it will drain properly.

No furkid photos of late as every time I open the door (or look out the window) they take off and hide.  No way they want to go out in this either.

Stay safe and warm and go play with some scraps,
Sewingly Yours

Sunday, January 14, 2018

15 Minutes of Slow

I'm managing at least 15 minutes along with KATE as I am still battling the 'sickness'.  I even had to miss my guild meeting as I was too under the weather and really did not want to expose any one to this stuff.  I really wanted to go as one of our members demonstrated making fabric postcards and there is a challange/swap for next month.  I did have a packet of supplies picked up for me and I hope to find time to work on this.

My main purpose of '15' is to work on my handstitching projects, especially this old BOM.  I did get the bias tape stitched and hopefully later today I can get all those leaves cut from that green.  I don't plan to applique all those very tiny circle berries as on the other blocks I have used buttons or beading and want to keep that thru the quilt.

Since it is Slow Sunday Stitching with KATHY (who's also ill), I have been at least tracking the daily temperatures and picking out the 2" squares.  I would like to get this new rosette in progress today once I check the noon temp today. 

Sewingly Yours,

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Scrappy Wednesday

Since I am still a bit under the weather, I am staying to something simple that doesn't require a lot of thinking.  I haven't worked on the Temecula Quilt Co snowballs in a couple of weeks, so adding some flip corners to squares will fill the bill.

Just to hold to my accountability, I made all the necessary very skinny bias tapes for a few blocks on that forgotten BOM project.  Making bias tapes isn't one of my favorite things nor making them this skinny, but they are done and I have one of the blocks pinned and ready for some hand stitching.

The next temperature rosette is done.  We were cold and now going into a bit of a 'January Thaw', but then will drop back to those low temps again.  Oh, and yes - more snow.

20 -17 - 6 -1 -7 - 30 -32 

Keep your prayers flowing for California as victims of the fires are now being hit with heavy rains and mudslides.

Sewingly Yours,

Monday, January 8, 2018

Monday Making

I  have been on such a schedule run that I need a day to play.  Since it is another snowy day, good to be inside and just stitch the day away.  I'll be joining BETH for some Monday Making and finish up these Spring colors into their little 4-patch blocks.  I have 60 done (but not pressed or squared up) and in that old eclair container.   Yes, for a bit of a surprise - that pop of a few black/white prints are being added.

Celebrating my first finish for 2018!!  Hildegard is quilted, bound, and labeled.  A scrappy log cabin border finish and the binding is a left over.
Of course, batting used is a cut off from a quilt trim.

The back is just as fun.  The last piece of an old Folkloria from my grandmother (old napkins).  I hit the 3.5" barrel for two squares to make the corner settings.  

Take time to play today,
Sewingly Yours,