Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tuesday Archives - FQ Quilts & Feather Quilting

Val's Quilting Studio

If you haven't discovered Val's Quilting Studio, you need to go browse.  And I love her idea of re-visiting our old posts with some fun themes (going thru the alphabet).  I haven't been very accomplished at feather quilting, but I have done a few FQ quilts.  Although in browsing back thru my blog, I found I didn't always blog about them - they were more in my flickr account.


I've done a number of Melissa's @ Happy Quilting quilt-alongs using FQs, so I chose one of my favorites due to the fabric I used.  I drooled when Little Black Dress came out!!  This is Melissa's 'StarBurst' pattern and you can find the original 'finale' post HERE.

And I am currently working a few QALs using up some of my FQs - I tend to pull bundles apart for a project and then I have all these poor, lonely, feeling unloved FQs.  Being in my Purge mode - they are being used.

I'm playing with Cindy's Christmas BOM Row Quilt and trying to use up a Connecting Threads FQ bundle (Holiday Blues) along with scraps.  This month's block was cute candies for a row of delishous fun. I know there is no blue in this row LOL!!  I thought of my Gr.Gran V who would always have these cute glass stripey candies mixed in some fake snow along her mantle.

I had bought a full FQ bundle of Howard Marcus Collection For a Cause "Historical Blenders" and boy I have a lot left over.  So I decided to use them in the "Country Corners" sew along with Lyn @ SewnWildOaks using her PatchWork Math book.  She gives the basic components you need from the book along with some sample layouts - and you go for it with fabric, color, and layout choice.  I am making two of each month's assignments.

And I am following the Howard Marcus Fabric Designer Sewalong.  I have a mix of 'Primative Gatherings' FQs (with a few of my scraps) to play with this one.

I know you all shuddered over the Patchwork Math book - felt it.  BUT if you know your quilt math, you can figure out many blocks in different sizes as well as be able to calculate what you can get out of a FQ.  FQ bundles make for great sampler quilts.

Be sure to go visit Val's Quilting Studio to see the link ups for FQ quilts and Feather Quilting.

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Petting & Patting Fabric

Since the quilt was gifted today at the shower, I can now show you the finished Mr Bear quilt for my granddaughter due next month.  A simple meander with occassional loop, love that Minky back and some fun strippy/dotty for binding (matches the bear).  Washed and dried for crinkly goodness, but that Minky just stays so lush and cuddly.  It got a lot of petting here as well as at the shower - where noboday had heard of, seen or felt Minky before.

Then I decided it was time to tackle this monster which I didn't think was petable at all.  What to do........

And it got worse............  I rembered a tip from Deonn @ Quiltscape about 'quilting it out' - you can see her tips HERE.  But I was facing a lot more than her problem so I sent off an e-mail  to Debbie @ StitchinTherapy as I have admired all her helpful posts on quilting.  She suggested some quilting motifs and to pat that quilt into place rather than smooth it.

So I combined the two methods of pin, pin, pin, pin and pat, pat, pat, pat and jumped in.

I tried some of the motifs, but this is one huge quilt and I am quilting on a home machine with small harp - the drag was terrible and it made for a mess on the top and back.  So I went to my faithful walking foot and organic serpentine that I use on homespuns, flannels, and plushies.

A lot of repinning and repatting and sticking with it.  This poor quilt had been refused by longarmers, but I took it on because it is my aunt's quilt. There were a lot of problems with this quilt, and a repair by my mother - YET - still the final flimsie was 'off'.  It's not a show quilt (thank you for the reminder Debbie) and I hope my aunt is happy with the results - so this quilt can be passed on to a grandchild or great grandchild.  Now I need the binding - think it best I finish that part too.

Remember to pet (or pat) you fabric today,
Sewingly Yours,


Saturday, August 16, 2014

Handmade Christmas Challenge - August

2014 Christmas Handmade Pledge

I am slowly filling that Christmas Gift Box by joining in with the Pledge to make handmade gifts throughtout the year.  And being we are getting closer, maybe it is time for you to start thinking about joining in.

This month I used Sherri's pattern for A Month of Simple Small Projects with A Quilting Life. She offered a star pattern for pot holders and strip piecing for a table runner.  But I have been admiring some very pretty kitchen towels made by a certain blogger, so I used the strips to decor some towels for a nice pressie set.

I used charms from 'Tried & True' by Nancy Halvorsen for Benartex - quartered them to have a lot of fun 2.5" squares to play with.  Some scrap plaids from the bucket for the towel tops and potholder binding.

You can join in any month and please go visit SewCalGal to get some Christmas project inspiration.

Sewingly Yours,

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Purge Up Date 8/15/14

Purge button

As you know I am taking part in The Purge.  As a scrap quilter I try to use almost anything and everything, but sometimes you have to take stock and do some clearing out.  I have passed on some fabrics to charity groups and friends, found and either used or passed on UFO's and blocks.

I have been using up some strips and scraps to make Bonnie Hunter's "Sister" blocks - This pile added to the other pile - I have 20 made now.

  And the scraps left from the Triangle QAL made for some cute Dresden Plates which will be used for table runners.

Of course I want to use what is on those shelves for background, that is an auditioning process right now.

I've even been tackling that large tote of batting scraps.  I found two pieces that will work perfect for my Dresden runners.  I used some (shred/cut/diced/mixed with left over fiberfill) to stuff a pillow.  Four large pieces were joined together for a wallhanging.   And I noticed my furry helpers needed a new cat nip toy.  Just a small rectangle folded in half, I zig zag two sides and fill with nip - zig zag that final seam.  

And I keep all my selvedges as I work a project so I can list what fabrics I used.  I use a lot of different types of fabrics from many different companies, so I get quite an interesting pile.  I don't use them - just tuck them in a large zip lock baggy to be able to pass them on.  I had a recent give away open for these - and once that bag is empty, of course I will start filling it back up for a future share.

The winner of this pile:
Jeanie said...
Ohhhh, I do love selvedges.... I'm thinking some pin cushions for Christmas. Thanks so much!
Are you taking part in The Purge?  

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